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Sixfold League: Raleigh Trey of Ladon by GG3095 Sixfold League: Raleigh Trey of Ladon by GG3095
Name: Raleigh Trey
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5’ 11”
Raleigh, Ral for short, is a very outgoing person. He can be smug and boastful at times, but once you get to know him, he is a nice person. He takes battles, even practice and skirmishes, very seriously.

Brief History:
Ral is the son of a wealthy businessman, but some attribute his father's success to his grandfather's beginnings. The old man was a traveling Pokemon trainer, and eventually came to settle in Ladon. Ral was very close with his grandfather, and was urged into joining the League by him.

Ral was held back by his parents, until he turned eighteen and was allowed to make his own choices. By this point, his grandfather had passed away, but left many of his prized Pokemon and materials to Ral.

Misc.: Nothing

Name: Temel
Species: Grovyle
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Very Finicky
Ability: Overgrow
Move Set:
Giga Drain
Swords Dance
Brief History:
Temel was Raleigh's first given Pokemon. His grandfather told him he was a descendant of his first Pokemon. Temel has been with Ral for eight years now, but can't seem to evolve out of a Grovyle, even though he is well capable to.
Misc.:Temel has a Plague Mask he uses in combat, but otherwise it is kept with Ral.

Name: Yilmaz
Species: Yanmega
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Quick Tempered
Ability: Speed Boost
Move Set:
Air Slash
Bug Buzz
Double Team
Brief History:
Yilmaz is Raleigh's first caught Pokemon, and one of his strongest. He evolved a couple years ago, and has grown meaner from it. He is very protective of Raleigh, though.
Misc.: Nothing

Name: Goraz
Species: Bastiodon
Nature: Docile
Characteristic: Capable of Taking Hits
Ability: Sturdy
Move Set:
Metal Burst
Heavy Slam
Brief History:
Goraz is an extremely old Bastiodon. Aside from being revived through a fossil, he was one of Ral's grandfather's Pokemon. Goraz was passed on to Ral when his owner and friend passed away.
Misc.: Goraz is like an old wise man, giving advice and tactics to Ral.


Finally on the bandwagon! :iconw00tplz:

Meet the crew. Everything about them is right up there. Any questions, feel free to ask~!

EDIT: I updated move sets to make more sense.

Also, they now have a tumblr! [link] Go, ask away!
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Niyla Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
So I noticed that on the app it's "Goraz", but everywhere else it's "Gorka"?
GG3095 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
... whoops...
OddPenguin Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
oh, liking the different approach at the medival look by giving him a sort of middle class fashion from the time, and nice team choices, particularly that yanmega, you got him to look so intimidating XD. it's also cool how his pokemon were passed down to him. plague mask in combat is not that bad of an idea either, as it helps cover his weakness to poison. some of the choices in moves are a bit questionable, but in the end it doesn't really matter since this won't be by the book game based. and AW YEAH FELLOW GOATEE MIDDLE AGED LADON -er :iconepichigh5plz:!!
GG3095 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
Yaaay, first comment! ( I like comments, especially ones like this =v= )

Thanks. I looked through a bunch of different outfits for the era and compiled a couple different looks into what I liked.

And there's a lot more story to the team then what I've said here, but I obviously can't tell a whole story in one chapter :plotting:

And the Plague Mask was just the right fit! And I've got all the moves planned out. I don't believe in a full offensive strategy, so some defensive/booster moves are always nice to have.

OddPenguin Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
woo hoo

ah, sounds good, glad you did your looking up beforehand XD

heh, yes, and lol no, not why I'm criticizing, of course playing with only offensive moves is a sure fire way to find yourself in a corner, I'm talking about your choices in some of the offensive ones.

I wasn't going to originally go into this, but hey, so you don't misinterpret what moves I'm talking about and think I just want you to have a full offensive set (that's silly), lets elaborate on the moves, WHY NOT XD?


let's start with Grovyle

Giga drain and energy ball both is redundant on Grovyle, you should really only need 1 grass move coveragem, preferably just giga drain for grass coverage, then use the other move slot to put something that will hit a threat to grovyle, such as Earthquake to deal with those fire and ice types, substitute is good to stall so you can set up boosting moves behind a sub, but agility is pointless on grovyle when it's base speed is already so good, better to have swords dance to boost attack to very high levels


u turn on a yanmega with speed boost is counter productive, as you get rid of all your boosts every time you u turn out of there. U turn is great on yanmega, but only when it has the ability tinted lens. when you have a speed boost Yanmega, Bug buzz is a better bug move to use. Air slash is superior to wing attack in every way, supersonic has very iffy accuracy and can't be relied on consistently, and night slash has no point on Yanmega, most of what it hits super effective bug does too, and same weaknesses as Grovyle to fire and Ice, so HP ground could keep those in check


blizzard has very iffy accuracy, further hindered by bastiodons lack of speed for it to hit as well as low attack values. Metal burst is perfect for bastiodon and so is protect. Iron defense doesn't have much point, as the defenses are already sky high, the only reason would be if you had toxic on the bastiodon, so that way you could stall out poison damage on your enemies while you set up impentrable defenses.

END RANT ON MOVES, hope you didn't mind it XD

GG3095 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012
.. woo. That's a lotta examination.

Temel: I agree with the double-grass, but Swords Dance wouldn't help anything with Special Attacks. And Grovyle doesn't even learn Earthquake.

Yilmaz: I hadn't thought of the U-turn Speed Boost Nega-combo. I don't know which I'd change though. And Night Slash does allow for a couple more points of attack, and the +crit % is what I originally got it for.

Gorka: I didn't realize Blizzard was that... ineffective when I gave it to him. I still want to keep an ice-type on him, so I think I'm going with Avalanche, to use his lack of speed.

I actually structured their moveset and tactics to their personalities, and I wasn't thinking too technically, since, as you said, not all of the same rules apply to this group as they do to the game.
OddPenguin Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Temel: swords dance would help boost earthquakes power or another ground move that's psychical attacks, also gen 5 moves were individually broken up into psychical/special, and the signature leaf blade with the heightened crit ratio is physical. that's just a different way to run a grovyle though. also, since it's a grovyle an not a Sceptile, it can't learn earthquake, seems only sceptile can in the evolution line, the grovyle could learn dig though for the same ground coverage, which is basically what I just wanted to point out, but dig is eh. giga drain works for hp recovery, and it could be a special based grovyle, grovyle has offensive stats good on both sides and the speed to use them.

Yilmaz: why I brought up air slash, and since it's stab, it's got the boost + 30 % flinch, which can save yanmega at times since it's so frail sp def it can't take any hit really, flich odd raised is preferable over crit +, especially since night slash isn't stab, so it's doing only 2/3 as much as air slash anyway since it's not stab boosted, a crit is nice, but eh, the move slot could be put to better use

Gorla: yeah, the only way people use blizzard reliably if under the weather condition hail, as it has a 100% accuracy then. avalanche works better.

again, since this isn't in game, none of this matter, but yeah, just technical jumbo pointing out
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